Friday, 04 December Time: 11.30 - 13.00 Observer Room 08 (Venue - Le Bourget)

The event is convene by the Latin American Platform on Climate Change (PCL) and organized by FARN (Argentina), Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano (Ecuador), Ceuta (Uruguay) and Fundacion Natura (Bolivia), with the support of Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN). Simultaneous translation.

Panelists will present and discuss the processes developed by members of the PCL in five Latin American countries (Costa Rica, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay y Uruguay) to promote multisectorial dialogues and establish communication channels with governments in order to contribute and strength national climate agendas, particularly in relation to the INDC processes.

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Written by María Camila Bustos images (1)

Bogotá recently held a round of lively debates on sustainable cities in the context of the Rio+20 conference. Experts from many countries and citizens from the Colombian capital attended the debates. One conclusion that I draw from this event is the urgent need to put sustainable development in our urban agendas. We must identify and increase collaboration between “city champions” in public office, business and civil society who are committed to integrating sustainability and resilience in urban development.

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SIDE_EVENT2 Information Date: Wednesday 13, 2013 Time: 16:45—18:15 Venue: to be confirmed (room 2) The growing challenge of climate change in Latin American is driving some countries in the region to take steps to address climate change within their nations. The objective of this side event is to share the results of the “State and quality of public policies on climate change and development in Latin America” report, as well as experiences from Mexico, Peru and Brazil, while identifying the challenges and opportunities for the region. Panel Daniel Ryan – PCL/FARN Mariana Castillo – CEMDA, México Isabel Calle – SPDA, Peru Carlos Rittl- de Observatorio do Clima de Brasil
During the last few years, Buenos Aires, São Paulo and Mexico DF, the three largest urban areas in Latin America, have taken steps in developing an institutional and policy framework to address climate change.  During the Rio + 20 summit, the mayors from these three cities signed a joint declaration in which they stressed that the local governments should take an active role in addressing climate change issues and made a series of commitments to generate a common agenda. Despite the relevance of these developments, climate change policies still face many political and institutional obstacles in these cities. This brief identifies four main challenges confronting reformist actors to advance climate change agendas at the local level, and proposes courses of actions to address these issues.
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This event is organized by CDKN in the World Urban Forum in Medellin CDKN-Networking-Event---WUF---April-10tha
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