Friday, 04 December Time: 11.30 - 13.00 Observer Room 08 (Venue - Le Bourget)

The event is convene by the Latin American Platform on Climate Change (PCL) and organized by FARN (Argentina), Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano (Ecuador), Ceuta (Uruguay) and Fundacion Natura (Bolivia), with the support of Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN). Simultaneous translation.

Panelists will present and discuss the processes developed by members of the PCL in five Latin American countries (Costa Rica, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay y Uruguay) to promote multisectorial dialogues and establish communication channels with governments in order to contribute and strength national climate agendas, particularly in relation to the INDC processes.

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A LAPC presentation made at the COP15 in Copenhagen, 14th December 2009
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This document outlines the Strategic Lines of Action of the Latin American Platform on Climate.
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The climate change debate in Latin America has thus far proved to be an elitist topic laid to rest on the periphery of political coconsciousness. In the run up to the UN climate change conference to be held this December in Mexico it is critical that the Latin American climate change debate rapidly becomes more democratic. A number of surveys carried out demonstrate the high level of concern Latin American citizens feel for this issue. Opening up greater political space to accommodate the opinions, beliefs and ideas of these actors is urgently required. Those in government and in the media should attempt to support greater involvement by Latin American citizens to uncover innovative and equitable solutions at the grass-roots to tackle climate change. This process in turn can add legitimacy and substance to policy-making led by government and inter-regional organisations working on climate change, particularly at international conferences. The following concerns presented at the Copenhagen talks by the Latin American Platform on Climate succinctly outline some of the defining issues of the climate change debate in Latin America: • Low levels of diffusion of information • Necessity of raising awareness • Low interest from politicians • There are no regional voices Other developments to be charted include the following key areas: • Regional climate change strategies versus lone-ranger national policy-making • The interaction between domestic and international climate change policies • The growth of organisations and businesses in Latin America working on global warming and developing low carbon solutions. • Latin America as a global leader on climate change and its implications for sustainable development worldwide.