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Latin American side events at COP18 Featured

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Next week COP18 will kick off in Doha, Qatar. As the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s main conference of the year, COP18 will draw thousands of civil society delegates in addition to the country delegations beavering away to try and find common ground for a new climate deal. Here we provide a brief list of the official side events related to Latin America scheduled for the Doha Conference.
Wednesday, 28 Nov 11:30—13:00 - Side Event Room 7 Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM): Brazilian indigenous peoples present elements for an indigenous plan to adapt to Climate change IPAM and the Coordination of Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon present the results of regional discussions with IPs from the Brazilian Amazon about adaptation to climate change. The elements of the discussions focused on climate, anthropogenic, political and economical vulnerabilities Thursday, 29 Nov 13:15—14:45 - Side Event Room 8 Coordinating Body of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin (COICA):  Indigenous peoples, Climate change and REDD+ in the Amazon Basin The Forum on Readiness for REDD in collaboration with COICA will present the results of nine workshops with indigenous peoples from the Amazon Basin. The discussions focused on climate change, REDD+, international negotiations and public policies 15:00—16:30 - Side Event Room 8 Climate compatible development: from theory to practice - what works and why? The Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) would host a learning event on the effective implementation of climate compatible development (CCD) in developing countries. The event will highlight new and incisive country and regional case studies and include interactive panel discussions. Friday, 30 Nov 13:15—14:45 - Side Event Room 4 Argentina and Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (FARN): Subnational Governments: The key role of a platform of liaison and sustainable investments Buenos Aires Province, together with members of the civil society, will present the subnational government strategy on public policies about sustainable investments and development, in an interjurisdictional, interinstitutional and interdisciplinary approach 15:00—16:30 - Side Event Room 8 Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP): Promising NAMAs in Latin America This side event jointly sponsored by CCAP & the delegations of Colombia, Chile, DR & Canada will highlight promising NAMAs being developed in Latin America to reduce GHG emissions & advance sustainable development & lessons learned on design, finance, MRV, and potential selection criteria for NAMAs. Saturday, 01 Dec 18:30—20:00 Side Event Room 5   Fundación Amigos de la Naturaleza (FAN Bolivia) and Bolivia: Joint Mitigation and Adaptation Mechanism for the Integral and Sustainable Management of Forests Presentation of the framework developed by Bolivia for the design and implementation of the Joint Mitigation and Adaptation Mechanism for the Integral and Sustainable Management of Forests as mandated in the Paragraph 67 of the 2/CP.17 decision as a non-market alternative. Tuesday, 4 Dec 20:15—21:45 - Side Event Room 8 Chile and SouthSouthNorth (SSN) present ‘MAPS Latin America: Mitigation actions in the context of national development and climate change’. MAPS is a collaboration amongst developing countries policymakers, researchers, private sector and NGO stakeholders, exploring innovative ways to achieve low carbon development. Participants will share experiences from the in-country process currently underway in Latin America. Speakers: Representatives from government and research institutions from Chile, Peru, Brazil and Colombia. Thursday, 6 Dec 18:30—20:00 - Side Event Room 7 Brazil and The Nature Conservancy (TNC): Forests and climate change: scaling up action and collaboration The side event will consist of: 1. Presenting a general overview of Brazil´s national REDD+ strategy and results already achieved 2. Scaling up results-based REDD+ finance and enhancing implementation of actions 3. Promoting South-South cooperation in REDD+ through the Amazon Fund (Brazilian Ministry of Environment and TNC) 20:15—21:45 - Side Event Room 7 Mexico and the Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiente: Meeting the climate challenge: Mexico’s contribution to a low carbon development Major developments on climate change policy have taken place in Mexico over the recent months. This side event will provide up to date information on Mexico’s contribution to a low carbon development, including policy planning, legal framework, NAMAs and national communications. 20:15—21:45 - Side Event Room 4 El Salvador and United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC): Adaptation Challenges and Advances in Public Policy in LAC region, and the Experience of El Salvador Exploration of adaptation challenges in LAC and El Salvador; advances in public policy; including evidence, agendas, policies and budgets for different sectors and overall coordination; avoiding inappropriate adaptation; measures for adaptation to be inclusive and sustainable. Speakers: Herman Rosa Chávez,Ministro de Recursos Naturales y Ambiente, El Salvador and Alicia Bárcena, Executive Secretary of ECLAC. Other speakers from other LAC countries and EU Friday, 7 Dec 11:30—13:00 - Side Event Room 6 Amazon Institute of People and the Environment (Imazon): Successfully curbing tropical forest loss in Brazil: emerging policy lessons for REDD+ Brazil has recently achieved drastic reductions in deforestation. Changes in policy design and implementation are key success factors. We discuss studies that scrutinize the role of environmental policy in managing land use and explore new measures to further improve conservation achievements. 13:15—14:45 - Side Event Room 8 Costa Rica and Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza (CATIE): Experiences of tropical agriculture facing climate change: The Costa Rican case There are many practical experiences generated in developing countries, with great potential for mitigation and important role in a strategy of adaptation, to a low cost and easy application. Speakers: Minister of Agriculture of Costa Rica and minister of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica    If there are other events in Doha – official or unofficial – related to Latin America do leave a comment with the details!
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