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Peru - High Level Segment - COP15

This article featured in the North American Congress on Latin America written by Jim Shultz and published in 2010 describes the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth held in Cochabamba, Bolivia, in April 2010. The conference called on wealthy nations to acknowledge and pay a "climate debt" to the countries on the blunt end of climate change as well as for an international tribunal empowered to consider the responsibility of countries and corporations that have contributed to the climate crisis and to enforce penalties and action against them. The author questions how the demands produced by the Conference might be integrated into global decision making on climate and how civil society advocating for greater action can move beyond producing statements and achieve real change.
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By Guy Edwards and Susanna Mage* In an op-ed in The New York Times, Anita Isaacs suggests that Ecuador’s decision to grant WikiLeak’s founder, Julian Assange, asylum has little to do with UK-Ecuadorian relations or human rights. Ms. Isaacs argues that Ecuador’s President, Rafael Correa, is trying to bolster domestic support in the run up to a presidential election, antagonize the U.S., and position himself as a potential contender for the leadership of Latin America’s Left, given the declining health of Venezuelan President, Hugo Chávez.
CLAES ha publicado este nuevo libro por Gerardo Honty. El autor ha seguido todo el proceso de las negociaciones desde sus inicios, participando directamente en varias de las COPs y otros encuentro.
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Este capítulo ha escrito por miembro de la Plataforma, Manuel Rodríguez Becerra, forma parte del libro, ‘Derecho y Cambio Climático’ que fue compilado por María del Pilar García Pachón y Oscar Dario Amaya Navas, Universidad Externado de Colombia (2010).
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